Nairobi, [Kenya] was dazzled by the real miracle like cures by Super power of Gurbani

Nairobi, [Kenya] was dazzled by the real miracle like cures by Super power of Gurbani 


Two consecutive healing camps healing camps at Ramgarhia SikhTemple, Pangani, Nairobi from 28th of August to 3rd Sep, 2006, by the Sarab Rog Ka Aukhad Nam Mission, Ludhiana, completely swayed the well educated mixed community , including Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs, by the repeated cures of incurable diseases during these camps. People started comparing these cures to Swami Ramdev from India, who could not show that quick and certain cures and based on scientific data. It was unparalleled show and it did not occur any time at that place earlier or anywhere in the world.

The information and invitation was given by the well known and respected radio anchor by Mrs Parveen Adam at 106 East FM radio live broadcast show, on 31st of August.. She interviewed Dr Balwant Singh from Ludhiana and had not left any question unanswered about the subject. She was instrumental in spreading this message of love and healing to the very large community of people in East Africa and even of UK. It was thoroughly professional job done by her and the people must have started believing in the oncoming healing camp. Unprecedented rush of patients made long queues at the healing camp. And all of them went satisfied and happy to further spread this message of healing by the word of mouth to many others.

The most striking cures which were impossible by any other curative measure and had failed to give any relief to these patients are as follows;

  1. Sudhir M Ramola, aged 3months, a Muslim child of PO Box 10252, Nairobi, phone number,00245 733666622 .

    Diagnosis: Recurrent chest infections , crying all the time.
    This empowered and blessed child could not have understood Gurbani but destined to receive the special Grace of Guru Nanak, who is Peer to Muslims and Guru to Hindus. He had received all the possible treatment for recurring chest infections for the last 3months or from the time he was born. He had been crying all the time and no medicine could provide any respite to him. He was brought to the first camp and her mother Zaida Yusuf was very much upset at that time and Dr Balwant Singh had advised her to just sit in the camp and certainly some relief would be there. The healing had taken place, when he was taken home he did not cry and had slept peacefully for the first time since his birth. All the concerned people were surprised to observe such a rapid and sure relief. And the child was comfortable from that time onwards and was seen laughing all the time and the relief was sustained and permanent for about 6 days, there after we did not confirm from his mother as we had to come back to India.

  2. Dinesh Jadavji Valji Jethwa, 63 years, Amboseli Lane, Lavington, Nairobi. Phone 00245 20 3866597, 00245 20 3873207,

    Diagnosis: Pulmonary fibrosis [ Interstitial] , and chronic cardiac failure, 4 years
    This is incurable disease and one has to depend upon positive pressure oxygen along with life saving drugs like steroids and drugs to reduce pulmonary congestion, for the entire life. Nothing more can be done about these patients. No drug is known to improve the function of damaged lungs except may be lungs transplantation .

    The relief to the patient was very much remarkable and no body can explain such a dramatic change in the lung functions. And it was easy for him to measure the oxygen saturation any time he needed as he carried with him the oxygen saturation instrument which he used as a clip on the tip of the fingers to see the instant results on the monitor fixed on the clip like instrument.

    On the very first day he had told us that he could stand for a significant length of time which he was unable to do that. On the fourth day he demonstrated and told us that his oxygen saturation had gone up to almost normal level of 90% which never rose from low level of 70% earlier . And he could walk without oxygen support for the first time. I would request the experts in the field to explore the real cause of his improvement, this should be very interesting for the medical professionals.

    Any way what ever may be the cause the comfort it has given to the patient is beyond description and in such a short time and in such an easy way. I am sure no body would have seen such a relief in their life time. This is the power of God manifested in Sri Guru Granth Sahib or Guru Nanak.


  3. Mrs Ragini H Patel, Nairobi Phone , 00254 733 491330

    Diagnosis: Fibromyalgia, it followed the road accident in 2002
    She had severe pains in legs and back of the chest and body and was unable to walk a few steps without almost breaking down with tears and pain. She was relieved from that agony in just two hours. It was second session of that day and she was so happy on the next day and told us that that day she walked a kilometer without any pain. This was a blessing received from God.


  4. And many cases of Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 got instant relief and their blood sugar went down by more than half of the previous level.

    1. Mohinder Singh Chana, 62 years did not require Inj. Humalin[ Insulin], he was feeling good without injection.

    2. A young diabetic girl who did not want to be identified gave in writing that her blood sugar had dropped from 18 mm,mol to below normal level of 3 mm,mol.

    3. Agya Kaur Nandhra , aged 56 years had given her blood sugar readings in the camp. It was 12mm,mol previously after the camp fasting came down to 3 and 6 after food, which are absolutely normal levels.

      We cannot say that all these cases were cured permanently, the logic demands us to continue the prayers, through the ways we had demonstrated to all the patients together and no separate or special coaching was given to any one.


  5. Amritpal Singh Bedi aged 31 years down with depression felt very happy . He says, " When I came , my condition was miserable and was in great misery. After I entered the the darbar , I started feeling better and after a while I started even smiling. For the first time, I felt the power of Gurbani.

    Many cases of osteoarthritis were provided instant relief where medicines even after prolonged use could not provide any relie


  6. Mrs Amarjit Kaur Bhamra 63 years, Nairobi, 00254 20 6760285

    Diagnosis: Cochlear Imbalance, Giddiness. 10 years
    This lady had this agonizing problem which continued unabated with the use of appropriate prescribed drugs for 10 years. Guru Nanak blessed her in just one hour. She was very happy to receive the blessings


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