Prevent Heart Attack

              Prevent Heart Attack- Follow Gurbani to get everlasting laugh.

  Dr. Balwant Singh         

      [  Heal your heart by Dr. Michael  Miller, M D with Catherine Knepper]


  " Go home and laugh until they cry."    He says,  to all cardiac patients, this shall make a successful recovery. He says, we now know that there's far more to maintaining heart health and reversing heart disease than diet, exercise, and cholesterol levels. The latest research indicates that stress and an inability to dealt with it, is a direct contributor to heart disease. For example, a study involving nearly 250,000 people found that anxiety was associated with a 26 percent increase in coronary heart disease over an 11 year period.

   Anger and hostility rank at the top of the list of heart harmful emotions, Harvard Medical School researchers recently found that 40 percent of patients who suffered heart attack reported significant anger within the previous year,  and roughly 8 percent of the group reported that they felt rage within two hours of heart attack symptoms.

                  But while studies reveal a great deal about the harm that negative emotions deliver to the heart, they also clearly demonstrate the amazing healing power of positive emotions. This doctor had seen the same in his 25 years of experience as a cardiologist. He has seen firsthand how he could harness optimism, confidence, laughter, social connections, and relaxation to help our hearts get  and stay healthy.

   Deep belly laugh triggers the release of endorphins, which activate receptors in our blood vessels' linings that signal production of nitric oxide, the powerful chemical causes blood vessel dilation, increases blood flow, reduces vascular inflammation and build up of cholesterol plaques, decreases platelet stickiness  which lowers the risk of blood clots.

    He reiterates, that in an early study by his team, saw that people with heart disease were 40 percent less likely to use humor in an uncomfortable situation, such as having  a waiter spill a drink on them, than people with healthy hearts. They found that  during watching a stressful  clip on TV, their blood vessels narrowed  up to 50 percent and while blood vessels dilation up to 22 percent occurred  in people who watched the funny clip. And after 15 minutes of laughing, volunteers got the same benefit.

    Listening to music is deeply healing, this had been believed for hundreds of years. The calming effect of music is so powerful that listening to relaxing music before cardiac surgery was more effective at reducing stress  then a sedative medication.

           He has identified the causes of increased heart attack incidence in the patients. If we address these causes by any means, then certainly we can have better, happy and long life.

  Stress:   Nothing happens as you wish, so one can say that there is nobody who doesn't have stress. Unfortunately, there was the information that average life span  of a doctor is less than an ordinary man in India. A renowned cardiologist of south India died at the age of 50 years. How long can you relax and keep watching good show on TV, you can't get detached from the realities of life?  My dear friends,  the only way is to follow the teachings of Gurbani. It not only solves your problems and cures your diseases but makes you happy throughout the day and night. You may get detached from reality by intoxication of alcohol for a short while, there is no permanent solution. Many rich people have modeled some guru to get the same for a while. The presence of that Guru must be helping them but can't be as powerful as Gurbani.

           Be positive in adverse circumstances: This is a very difficult proposition, this is what we are made to believe in Gurbani.  Whatever He does is justified and no  one can stop it. Believe in Him, He is your father and He will look after you at all costs. You need not worry about anything. Everything which has happened or will happen, is just and as per His orders. We are supposed to observe and feel good under any circumstances.  If your observe this order you will find the things are happening as per your wish. This is the way of getting help from God. The help comes without delay and in abundance and is much more than needed by you.

     Anger:  Your anger  can be justified, if you didn't do anything wrong for which you are being punished. You are insulted in front of others. You are provoked to shout and some time use abusive language for others.  if the other person is under your command, you may suspend him or do other things to teach him a lesson. And many times you are a subordinate, you have to keep mum for the safety of your job. This is how life goes on for all of us.

            Here the teachings of Gurbani can make you the king of kings.  Be very humble and consider the juniors are equal to you. With great care and love you may tell them about the deficiencies in their behavior and don't punish them and give them the chance to improve. They will remain your friends for the rest of the life. For the senior or anybody equal to your status, be polite and tell him the reality and if he fails to understand you, please keep on doing your best and you don't have to harm his interest any time. You will be surprised you will get full justice and unjustified behavior will be punished by God. You don't have to ask for it. This would occur and you will be surprised to find your will prevails and you will be highly honored for your wonderful behavior.  This is a win win situation. Gurbani is the final truth and everything and everybody is under the control of Guru.

       The use of harsh language is not permitted in Gurbani, Gurbani guides us, about it and it is a  proven fact. When you lose temper, you lose a point. and by getting engulfed in anger, your mind and body get damaged. This is precisely the topic for today's   discussion.  By being aggressive, you don't gain anything and you are unable to convince the other persons listening to you. Aggressive behavior is not justified. If you are a boss, you can use your pen to order anything without losing temper. Where is the need  for losing temper?

  Music:  And finally the words of Gurbani and their meanings are soothing and can cure your mind and body. Gurbani had been  written for singing in prescribed tunes. If it is sung in prescribed tunes it can cure anybody who may not understand a word of Gurbani. This was observed  by us at many places. How young kids of 2 years of age can follow or understand Gurbani? We have seen cures in kids also.  I gave a presentation in English and then sang gurbani -shabads in front of audience who had never heard Gurmukhi. When I went back home,  I got many letters from them, that they felt better after listening to Gurbani. This had happened to medical doctors at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesotta, USA.   Listening to Gurbani makes you happy and give you relaxation which laughter may not be able to give. Gurbani is the final answer to the world for worldly needs and help.


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