Very serious side effects of Homeopathic medicines

Very serious side effects of Homeopathic medicines

           Dr.Balwant Singh MBBS, EX. Capt AMC

Unfortunately, homeopathy can have surprising and dangerous side-effects. These have nothing to do directly with any particular homeopathic remedy, but rather they are an indirect result of what happens when homeopaths replace doctors as sources of medical advice.

 One case reported in the British Medical Journal described how a woman had relied on homeopathy during a trip to Togo in West Africa, which resulted in a serious bout of malaria. This meant she had to endure two months of intensive care for multiple organ system failure. In this case, the placebo effect offered no protection.

 I, as a practitioner of general medicine had studied the books to get the general information about the medicines and had practiced homeopathy and found very serious side effects of Homeopathy. And I had made it mandatory to warn the patients about this system.  I had seen young woman lost her life as homeopath was insisting the case was not cancer breast and that was curable by homeopathy. Another young boy lost his life through wrong treatment of Rheumatic Heart Disease and another one had subdural hematoma. My voice was alone and now I feel satisfied that American Health Authorities had given the suitable warning to protect the gullible and innocent patients from serious and avoidable side effects.

FTC warning

Not a good news for people who trust homeopathic drugs. The United States government implements a new policy, from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), to block these bogus treatments. According to this new policy statement, the over the counter (OTC) homeopathic drugs manufacturers will be required to disclose reliable scientific evidence to sell them.

Evidence for sham of homeopathy 

According to this popular system of medicine an animal or plant extract that causes symptoms similar to the ones a person is suffering from can cure the symptoms. Various investigations demonstrate that this type of therapy is fake as the scientific community is monolithically piled against Homeopathy. 

An exhaustive review of the evidence for Homeopathy from Australian government concludes that homeopathic treatment does not work, and people should stop wasting their time and money, and potentially their health. Thus far all scientific trials have proved that Homeopathy is no better than placebo or another available treatment for a range of health conditions, like asthma, anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, colds, and ulcers. This is because the studies reporting the health benefits of homeopathy were faulty and poorly designed. According to an American multinational digital media company, “this enforcement is a step taken to raise the cognizance regarding the lack of evidence that lies behind homeopathy”. This right decision will certainly clamp the manufacturers responsible for the proclamations they make about homeopathic products.

Thus it is high time now that consumers should recognize the lack of evidence that lies behind this therapy which claims for a healthy wellbeing.
Source India today


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