How to get benefit through Super power of Gurbani

How to get benefit through Super power of  Gurbani 

      We get many queries about the healing process, so it is high time that we must give the information which may help the suffering people across the globe. We have learnt and discovered certain factors which are unknown to larger population of Sikhs.  The following information would serve that purpose.

‘Baani guru guru hai baani vich  baani amrit saare’  ‘Baani is Guru and Guru is Baani’. This has been reiterated many times in different words in Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

One has to understand and obey the orders of Baani. To do that, recite Gurbaani slowly and try to grasp the meaning of words in your own mind without the help of books. The books do help to understand the meaning to a minor extent and that much help can be obtained from these books. No body has known the final truth and if somebody may have  known then he could not have described that.  So the best option is to exercise your mind for that. The university degrees don’t help much. Even totally illiterate can get the highest information. The secret lies in Sangat and Gurdwara.  The  Gurdwara is a university and the teachers are Sangat and may not be head priest.  The flow of knowledge is just automatic and fruit of labor is always there. The only way to learn the meaning of Gurbaani is Gurdwara and Sadh Sangat.

Once you know the meaning of Gurbani then second step is to obey the orders and mould your life accordingly.  If you do that then , ‘Gur baani kahe sewak jan maanai Partakh guru nistare’.  Be a servant of Baani. How can one be a servant of Baani or Guru? Do Guru need your service?  You need to serve Him to get all the benefits promised in Gurbani. Guru does not need your service. The service of sangat is the service of Guru. So serve Sangat;  one can do anything to help the members of Sangat.  If it is done, then openly and to the disbelief of others diseases just vanish and you are left with a blissful life free of any discomfort and agony.  This is precisely what has happened so many times now.

The importance of Shudh Ucharan of Gurbaani cannot be over emphasized, there are many instances in Sikh Guru Sahibaan’s life where the correct pronunciation was promoted and its importance was clarified when Guru Sahibaan had declared that Gurbani is their body and if any body distorts the same then it hurts them.  We are nearly callous about it and no body  is bothered.

So far we are concerned , Gurbaani is our soul and it is personal and we are not concerned if people don’t accept it.  Surprisingly , when we started reciting correct pronunciation the benefits grew  beyond our imagination, now patients are getting relief in just one hour of prayers. The Sangat has approved it and encouraged us to produce some  electronic media  help to understand the  correct pronunciation.  So we have produced  audio cassette and VCD of Nitnem of 5 Baanis. That should help in understanding the ways of Shud Ucharn. So, it is requested to recite Gurbaani in correct form only.

The problems with pronunciation are listed below.

The difficulties are there when the ‘Aunkad’ at the end of the word  is ignored and not spoken as in , guru, duKu, suKu, mnu,qnu. , rwhu, auhu, rwhu,dyhu, swhu  The Aunkad is  ‘u’

When ‘ Sihaari comes with the second word it becomes difficult to pronounce. moih   rwih, rwiK.  Qin , min,dyih, kryie

When the middle word is      ‘h’     as in     rhq, khq        it is always spoken wrongly.

When two ‘hhu’ come together. Wrong directions for these words are given  by the scholars.

It is a sin to add ‘bindees ‘ to the words of  Gurbaani,  our scholars are wiser than Guru Sahib. Do we need to change the words of Gurbaani? Or else did Guru Sahibaan spoke with bindees and did not use bindees while writing?   Do we need to remember Gurbaani with Bindees? Or else speak with bindees and remember without bindees.

Guru’s order are different which no body seems to understand as everywhere each one of the preachers and keertani jathas use bindees with impunity. No heed is paid what the Baani  says.   

hir pVu hir ilKu hir jip hir gwau hir Baujlu pwir auqwrI [

DnwsrI mhlw 4 ,   pMnw  669

gur   kI mUriq mn mih iDAwnu[[  gur kY sbid mMqRu mnu mwn [

goNf mhlw 5,  pMnw 864

Those, who ignore these life giving directions, cannot be called true Sikhs. What we are doing is reading different, speaking different , writing different, and singing different  and we believe that Guru should help us. We have to read , write, recite and sing the true Gurbaani in its pure form. Can we write a correct  line of Gurbaani , even  of  Japji Sahib which we recite daily?    Answer is clear. Can you imagine a Sikh organization of  USA  making five mistakes in a single line of  Gurbaani and imagine that must have  been read by all its members and no body knew the correct  pronunciation among its  thousands of followers

It was ,” Man too jot sarup hai apna mool pacchan”.

For example the word is  sMqw  is not to be spoken as sMqwN   and similarly the word ‘ Bgqw’   cannot be spoken as   ‘ BgqwN’   , though it looks odd in today’s language. Gurbaani is not written in today’s language, so it cannot be spoken with addition of bindees. If you speak with bindees then you would write and remember the spoken word with bindees only  and the purity and sanctity of Gurbaani is compromised.

People with more knowledge say the meaning cannot be understood without bindees.  This is very heavy cost  to pay and change the pious form of  Gurbaani. If you  can understand French, then there  should not be any difficulty in understanding  Gurbaani.

I would recommend to remember the true form of Gurbaani though it looks odd to faithless  people.  Guru Sahib had used the same word in different forms,  we are bent upon in using our version only .  As there is no word spoken as  goivdu.  But it has been used in Gurbaani  many times.  Should we always use the word  goivMd Aqy goibMd only? The answer is big NO.   Though,  these  three words are used at different places in Gurbaani and there in no difference in  meaning.                                 

Similarly no distinction is made between   n ,q and   nw, qw    ‘ jIA ‘ kIA  is not spoken correctly.

Another the word ‘ X ‘  in   ‘dXu’   BC`Xw, svYXw  is always ill-pronounced.

 Audio cassette and video CD of Gurbani Nitnem with subtitling is available with us , it would certainly help in understanding correct  pronunciation.

You have to love  Gurbaani ,  “Naam aukhad jih ridhe hitaawe  tahe rog supne nahi aawe”

Any body can pray for the sick person the patient may be living away from you or the patient may be  unconscious or a child , who cannot understand Gurbaani.

Patient may not have faith in Gurbaani, if you pray for the patient, the patient would certainly be benefited.

 This is super power , there is no match or nothing is equal to Gurbaani.  This is a science any body can take benefit , provided he follows the dictates of Gurbaani. It is Guru’s will to allow anyone to take benefit from it. Anybody who so ever he may be  would get definite relief. This is what Gurbaani promises and it is eternal truth.

The sabads need to be sung repeatedly  with love and faith  as many  times as possible and listen to your own voice with concentration. The concentration is not easy and most of the times does not come. There is a definite benefit of singing even if no concentration is there. He  knows your mind and controls it.  So when He wills the concentration would develop.  Your job is simple and keep asking His grace through prayers.   You need to spend some minimum time at one time may be half  an hour or more.   You may adopt any comfortable posture and need not take bath or wash yourself. It is not  mandatory  to wash your self. It  is not bad to take a bath. Guru Nanak says;


‘socY soic n hoveI jy socI lK vwr’


 How to get the CD or Cassettes or other books

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Any body can get these by paying the  additional  cost of  packing, post or courier charges.

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