Basic care for the skin wounds

Basic care for the skin wounds.

 Dr, Balwant Singh


           I am amazed to write about it as I am not an emergency care physician in a trauma centre who is required to learn everything to give basic minimum care to the injured as a first step. This care can shorten treatment and some time save lives and serious impairments. But to my own disappointment, I am finding the patients coming from the reputed hospitals and nursing homes are not being given the proper scientific care.  What could be the reason?  As I learnt myself doing my practice that all these antiseptics are not needed for the cleaning of the wounds. These can certainly impair, obstruct and delay the faster and natural wound healing.

      We receive about 200 patients every day, during healing sessions at Guru Amar Dass Rog Niwaran Kendre, of Sarab Rog Ka Aukhad Nam Mission Trust,  385-L, Model Town. Ludhiana. This kendre has become well known through mouth to mouth communications from patients who got cured or through our website. Some cases are beyond my understanding or information and I have to take help from books or our reputed health care sites, meant for qualified doctors only like 'Medscape'. Here we don't recommend any medicine  or a particular physical measure. We allow patients to follow their chosen effective treatments. Beside these very serious and complicated cases we get normal patients who had got injured and were getting regular care from the qualified health care providers. I had seen, three such cases in a matter of few months where the lower legs and feet were dressed and could be seen the fowl smelling discharge from the wounds. And the legs were grossly swollen and wounds show the devitalized surrounding skin with watery discharge coming from the wounds. On inquiry about the way the dressing was done. All of them stated that people in the hospital clean the wound with some antiseptic solutions and clean the surrounding skin also. On listening to their story, I get confused as to how to inform their doctors what needs to be done. Even during my talk with the sangat I had asked the ladies who would invariably say that they would put some antiseptic solution on the wound then the dress the wound. This lack of knowledge has prompted me to write about it and put up the information in the website.

            Before writing and putting my own experience  before the practicing doctors, I thought to learn from the internet about wound cleaning, I was surprised to find that the role of antiseptic solutions are not being recommended by the teaching hospitals or to the students of the nursing staff. They have detailed illustrations of how to take care of the wounds. Those illustrations had given authenticity to my own findings. I feel pleased to put up  that article in english along with panjabi translations so that every house keeping lady could follow and practice those measures. That article is attached, separately along with this article. I will try to make a booklet that could be given free of cost at our kendre to all the visitors.

            Now, let us see, what happens with antiseptic solutions. Before it, you must read the wonderful functions of skin which is the first line of defense of our body and keeps fighting all the time without letting us know about it. It does not charge any tax for that. It is extremely efficient system and the largest system of the body. It protects your entire body surface which is all the time exposed to the dangerous bacteria through our outlets, the dirty environment and polluted air.

       Let us see what does skin do for you ! It is covered by oily layer , it, not only keeps you warm in winter and cold in summer. It is like  an  insulation. It preserves water, your skin is always moist, even in intense hot weather. This oily secretion has strong antibacterial properties, your skin is exposed to a variety of bacteria, throughout the day. It prevents bacterial infections or other irritants to damage your skin. The most powerful part is played by epidermis that it can produce tentacles to catch bacteria and kill them. Epidermis is the outer cover of the skin. It produces certain enzymes also to do the same job.

     Why you use soap even for bathing?  At least I don't use soap, except for washing hands.  Our normal routine for any injury on skin is - Clean the wound with antiseptic lotion then dress the wound and keep doing till the  time the wound heals. If you are lucky to get the wound healed.

        What needs to be done. Stop bleeding by mild pressure on the wound  for a few minutes. If bleeding does not stop then dress the wound without cleaning so that there is no further loss of blood. After the bleeding stops, then wash the area with plain water and dress the wound without cleaning the blood. For dressing, use the freshly washed cloth or handkerchief. If you can have sterilized gauze peace that should be good. The wound will heal very quickly.

               Please don't use cotton, the available cotton is highly contaminated.

     When you put any antiseptic solution on the wound and  the skin, it damages the vital tissues. There is a net work  of lymphatic system under the layer of the skin. The lymphatic system plays a very key role for us.  It carries the waste material from your body and supply lymphatic fluid to fight against infections and cancer cells. The plasma in blood after supplying nutrition to your body cells then goes into veins to return to heart to get fresh supply of oxygen and other nutrients for the body. But part of the plasma goes out to carry body wastes, that waste is carried by the lymphatic system, lymph glands and finally to the heart.

   Your application of antiseptic solutions damages the functions of skin and blocks the lymphatic system that makes the limb to get swollen. And infection spreads without signs of healing. We are playing against nature and are playing like devils to the poor patients.

Please circulate this information to all the people of Indian origin as we are ill informed and don't feel the need to review our understanding of  the wonders of our The Greatest Gift of God- the human body. That should make you participate in the holy slogan-'Nanak Naam Chardi Kala Tere Bhane Sarbat Ka Bhala.'


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