Miracles of Desi Ghee

Miracles of Desi Ghee based on evidences and it is not hypothetical.

Normalize your lipid profile.

A long standing use of anti cholesterol drugs to lower cholesterol level and lipid profile to normal failed but use of desi ghee changed the game in shortest possible time.

The use of thyroxin to bring down her raised TSH level indicating hypothyroidism to normal level failed. Desi ghee did the miracle!  My dear doctor friends may find it hard to digest. Every thing returned to normal level within 2 months. See the reports  and you may comment upon the reliability of the lab reports.

Mrs. Santosh Kaur Manchanda,    aged 74 years w/o S. Surjit Singh Manchanda,  271-R, Model Town, Ludhiana.Phone:    97813 51519

17/3/2017- Biochemistry, Serum cholesterol 319 mgm/dl

29/3/2017 Endocrinology. TSH 3rd Generation 10.747 µIU/ml

25/05/2017 Lipid profile- Total cholesterol 148 mgm/dl

                                              Triglycerides 151 mgm/dl

25/05/2017 Immunoassay Thyroid stimulating harmone TSH  2.08 µIU/ml

 Please see the report attached below.


S. Sukhminder Singh aged 47 years,  Ph: 98142 15843. BP came down.

His lipid profile :    2017- Total cholesterol -144 mgm/dl, Triglycerides- 104 mgm/ dl    
                           2016-Total cholesterol -249 mgm/dl, Triglycerides- 168mgm/dl

Please see the report attached below.



S. Amanpreet Singh age 40 years  Ph: 98555 83274

      Lipid profile:  May 2017- Total cholesterol : 262 mgm/dl, Triglycerides  : 474.1 mgm/dl

                         June 2017- Total cholesterol: 150 mgm/dl, Triglycerides: 168 mgm/dl

Please see the report attached.


Allergic rhinits cured.

S.Jotpal Singh, age 37 years.  Ph: 99883 78112 Allergic rhinitis from 5 years, cured.


Alllergies from multiple food items cured:

Jasvinder Kaur aged 52 years. Ph: 95920 58009. Allergy from 25 food items cured in 3 days.


High Blood pressure came down and medicines had to be stopped by the attending doctors.

Kulwant Singh age 58 years.     Ph: 95920 58009 BP came down to normal.

S.Kanwal Inder Singh age 65 years, Ph:    9876861250 BP came down to normal

Ranjit Singh Chadha aged 66 years Ph: 98156 25821, BP came down to normal


Dramatic reduction of body weight with desi ghee

Baljinder Kaur age 45 years.  Ph:                      Reduced weight

Komalpreet Kaur age 21 years                        Reduced weight

Gurminder Kaur Age 33 years Ph: 99883 78112 Reduced weight


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