Unique construction of Guru Amar Dass Rog Niwaran Kendre

Unique construction of Guru Amar Dass Rog Niwaran Kendre,

   385-L, Model Town Ludhiana. Phones: 0161 4673232, 0161 2433241.


It is unique to get cured from all ailments in a better and shorter way here in this kendre.  Even tremendous research and dedicated work of our noble medical doctors can't match the relief, the patients get here. It is very common to get cured from Celiac disease, we need not mention it, this fact is being confirmed by thousands of patients who got relief. As is well known, there is no treatment for this disease anywhere in the world. The relieved patients belong to the most of the states of India. Can anybody claim to cure some body of confirmed case of Ulcerative colitis in just two days? We have many such cases of extra ordinary cures.

 It is a matching incidence to make a construction of same unique type with limited resources at our command.  It is a three storey building with ground floor, darbar hall, second floor and third floor and top floor.

Ground floor has office for  free medical checkup of the patients, where no medicine is prescribed but the entire medical history of the patients is examined along with their medical records. Some patients do require some help in the sense that they are following sometime harmful and un needed medication. The doctor discusses their problems and do suggest some measures which may help the patients. The doctor here has a long family practice experience and most of the patients do feel better after consulting him.

 There is a reception counter, inquiry, medical forms are filled just to know about their medical history, literature and other information is provided.  The filling of medical forms provides more time for consultation with the doctor.

Parshad distribution counter, the sangat is requested to cover their heads and remove shoes to get parshad.

Guru Ka Langar Hall. For the convenience of the patients the langar is served in chairs and tables. The large number of patients find it difficult to eat by sitting on floor. This is a super hospital and we have to cater to the needs of the patients.

Kitchen is fitted with modern gadgets for cooking, tables for preparing food items before cooking, exhaust chimney and adequate space for pantry. Fire proofing has been provided. Hot water is made available for the kitchen.

 There are urinals and washrooms for gents and ladies and all washrooms has provision for hot water at all the floors.

Four rooms for the stores and offices of  the management of the mission.

Darbar Hall is a magnificent and the most modern in outlook and facilities provided in the hall.  The sound proofing and  false ceiling looks elegant and indirect lighting provides wonderful spectacle. There are 6 cassette type AC' s fitted on ceiling and it is well ventilated with wide windows providing adequate natural  sun light.  There are four room in this floor. One room is  used  for Sukhasan Sthan, second is system rooms, sound system and projector and computer, cctv sytem control is there,  third room to hold sehaj path and fourth room for accessories for the darbar hall. Projector helps in simultaneous projection of path or keertan on screen. This floor is served by two sets of stairs on front and back and there is a lift provided to serve the two floors and the ground floor. To make comfortable sitting to the needy patients 8  well cushioned settees  are provided. CCRV cameras are fitted at strategic points for security point of view. This floor has set of washrooms for ladies and gents.

Second floor has provision for night stay of the patients and for the family of head granthi. It has washrooms both for gents and ladies. It has a kitchen and extra room that can be used as reading room/ path room or for relaxing.

 Third floor has a generator set of 60 KVA. Centralized RO system for purifying water, which can purify water up to 1000 litres and  is designed in a way to provide 200 litres pure water  for drinking and rest 800 litres of  water for washing and bathing purposes. There are two large water reservoirs here to provide uninterrupted water supply round the clock.

Fourth floor has a small room,  meant for electrical gadgets, control panel for lift, an 5 KVA inverter which takes up function automatically when the  electricity goes off suddenly.

We have made it a point to provide fire safety in the entire building.

 We are deeply obliged to the sangat of Ludhiana and our dear associates, spread over India and in the entire world. Still  a lot needs to be done and lot of money would be needed to provide services. We intend to start construction work at Neelon on Guru Gobind Singh Marg at Ludhiana,  for Guru Amar Dass Rog Niwaran Kendre.  The area for this kender is one acre and the  money is required in crores of rupees. We are certain Guru Amar Dass ji will help us in doing this job.


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