An Appeal to Sikh Intelligentsia... [Dr.Balwant Singh]

An Appeal to Sikh Intelligentsia

I must inform you that the need of Shud Ucharan of Gurbaani had been approved by thousands of viewers of our live telecast of the proceedings of healing camp in which we had very forcefully observed and  advocated the method of Shud Ucharan.

 And over and above we had placed before Sangat the resolution of Shud Ucharan of Gurbaani and we  had  organized the  open discussion. None in the sangat felt the need of opposing it and the resolution was passed unanimously for the followers of this mission. And it was accepted as’ Gurmata’,-  it is the order of Sangat approved by Guru- so it became mandatory for all of us to follow it.

And we had circulated the booklets which contained need of Shud Ucharan to Holy Akal Takhat Sahib and it was seemingly approved by  highest body of the Sikhs, as so far,  we did not get any order against it.

Luckily for us with great help from our revered friends at, the site of the mission had been visited by millions of people after we had projected the need of Shud Ucharan in our article, ‘How to get the benefit of Super power of Gurbaani’ at the  web site. We had received many letters for getting the help in Shud Ucharan. And in more than 10 years of its insertion, no body has rejected or shown displeasure to it. It certainly implies the approval of the Sikh community at large.

There is an ill informed body of Sikhs who had been advocating the need to use bindees and ignore the pronunciation of siharis and aunkads. They had been preaching and educating the same to thousands of students across India, this microscopic number of people had written against us in their publications and had openly opposed us. We have nothing against them, everybody has the right to form the opinion and project it.

In the light of these observations, the most humbly, I wish to project, the following few points before our intelligentsia so as to act in a unified and purposeful manner to educate the general masses and our preachers the need of Shud Ucharan  of Gurbaani.

1, To persuade  the Sikh Missionary Colleges, and the Sikh institutions to follow the dictates of Gurbaani and follow Shud Ucharan.

2, To organize lectures or seminars for this cause.

3, To popularize the need, the competition of kids be organized

4, The measures to promote the need of writing the Gurbaani in correct form should be taken.

To day our state of mind is pathetic and we don’t feel the love of Gurbaani shud Ucharan at all. We find the words of Gurbaani wrongly written at main entrances to Gurdwaras. And we have the scant regard for the body of Guru ie Gurbaani.


Yours humble servant,


Dr Balwant Singh


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