How do I place myself in comparison to Swami Ram Dev in curing the patients

 How do I place myself in comparison  to Swami Ram Dev in curing the patients
This was the question  raised by some of the listeners on radio talk at 106 East FM radio, Nairobi. And I must admit here, I did not want to answer this question without some proof with  my assertions. Now, after having had two very successful healing camps over there, now all the persons who had attended the camp  would find the answer to this question.  Those who attended, comprised a small section of people in comparison to the millions of listeners, so that is the reason to answer that question now for the benefit of the rest of the people
There is world of difference between the cures with the healing camps and with Swami Ram Dev. In healing camps, the cures are affected through prayers and are done by God Himself, no medicine or any other physical measure is advised to any one. The results are immediate at the spot, there  were at least 10 persons whose blood sugar became normal in one hour of prayers. Any body even without physical fitness and with inability to breath properly were relieved on the spot. The child who cannot understand anything had been cured in one hour. There were so many patients, who suffered from osteoarthritis of the knees were relieved. This is just a fantasy, no body can believe that. But hundreds of patients who had benefited can stand as the witnesses. How can you compare this healing with any one, this is beyond imagination.

I have traveled through the width and breadth of the world, I did not come across such cures anywhere.  The larger communities have millions of dollars at their command  and they could have spread the message very quickly to others.
Dr Balwant Singh, Capt, AMC
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