As reported by S. Ranjit Singh Chadha and S. Gurmeet Singh- By a reporter

These camps helped in giving, a powerful and effective message of healing of all diseases through Gurbani. And most of the people did not know about it. The mission felt satisfied and happy over the success. The people were spell bound by listening to the stories of healed patients through these camps in the shortest possible time. And, of course, they had not seen this before and could not imagine the magical relief to so many patients. All of them confessed relief but were not willing to give in writing the reports. So far we are concerned it is all right for us but disclosing the stories helps in spreading the message across the world and indirectly helping millions of people in the world. The extent of success was confirmed to others when the large of numbers callers from Australia, Thailand and Malaysia wanted to know more about the mission. The visiting team consisted of S. Ranjit Singh Chadha- one of the trustees and a retired bank officer; S. Gurmeet Singh, an exceptional hymn singer, self employed business man; Mrs. Satnam Kaur Chadha, a retired teacher and the preacher of the mission and S. Prabhsimran Singh, the youngest of all, a tabla { drum} player who had devoted his life to this work.

A number of people deserve kudos and high appreciation for this wonderful selfless service. We need not mention the names to Guru Nanak, my Lord knows everything from beginning to end. Our objective is to give some information about these philanthropists, so that beneficiaries could pray for them. Number one in the list is S.Navpreet Singh Khurmi, who is solely responsible for arranging everything for the visitors including visas, stay arrangement and partial compensation for air travel. It was albeit difficult and looking impossible but his consistent efforts bore fruit. Initially the program was fixed for Perth only but the contacts with our senior member of the mission S. Shamsher Singh Bajaj and his brother S. Amarjit Singh Bajaj bore fruit to extend our visit to Melbourne. His friend helped him to arrange for the travelling of the team and fixing the detailed programs in different Gurdwaras. Our member, S. Darshan Singh Thind from Sydney who had gone from Ludhiana to visit his son came especially to help the team in Melbourne.


The well attended camps were held at Perth from July 20 to July 25, 2011.

At Perth, our performance was considered to be an excellent, as many patients got benefited. But they were reluctant to fill up our forms meant to record the diseases and symptoms of the patients. On the concluding day at Canning Vale Gurdwara, Perth, Mrs. Pritpal Kaur wife of the president of Gurdwara, S. Dev Raj Singh was overjoyed and bold enough to inform us that she was relieved of incurable body aches and headache, which she suffered for a long time and no treatment could cure her. She was unable to walk comfortably because of pains in the body. At the school, where she was working as a teacher, other teachers found in her very apparent change the way she walked comfortably and was looking cheerful. Other teachers were surprised to see the sudden relief. She told us that other teachers wanted to know as to how sudden relief came about. She narrated the details of the healing camp in the Gurdwara as a result of which many Christian teachers bought English guides and CD’s and they were thinking of doing prayers through Gurbani.

The Radio talks on, “ World Radio 95.3-6EBA” of Perth on July 20. This helped us to give the message to the listeners before the start of the camp. At radio talks in Perth the anchor raised many related and pertinent questions.

Q. “You are claiming to heal the patients through Gurbani and Swami Ram Dev Ji also claims to heal the patients through Yoga then how are you different from him? ”

A. There is no comparison between us and Swami ji. We are not concerned what he does and how de does, this aspect is very clear to those who follow him. Be it known to you what we do.

  1. We don’t charge any fees from anybody for the service and it is open to one and all.
  2. We do believe in modern medicine and wish them to get treatment if they get relieved.
  3. We don’t call patients from hospitals for the treatment but patients do come when they are refused any help from doctors. Some of them are bed ridden, on life support systems, mentally retarded, infants and children. All of them get better in shortest possible time. No body can stop death.


Can Swami ji do all this?

Q. “ How the mission is performing its activities in India and whether you have any hospital of your own for such treatments?”

A. We don’t prescribe any medicine nor do we recommend any change in treatment for the patients and do no investigations. So there was no requirement of any hospital for our successful work.

The only medicine and common for all diseases is prayers through Gurbani that helps in eliminating diseases of all kinds. We had been following this practice for the last 24 years at Ludhiana and all over the world with boundless success.

To administer this super medicine, we are holding healing sessions for all the days of the year at different places in Ludhiana. In addition, we are also holding, free for all 5 day residential, healing camps at Ludhiana for the last 24 years. We are also regularly holding such camps in all the parts of Panjab and India including Delhi and Kolkata. Similarly, we had organized three to four days camps in many other countries like, UK, USA, Canada. UAE and Kenya. We are already constructing a super hospital with the Holy Name of GURU AMAR DAS ROG NIWARAN KENDRA, NEELON KALAN, LUDHIANA, PUNJAB, (INDIA).  It will have four wings - a museum, a meditation center, a service center, and an administrative wing. These wings would surround a central atrium designated as the main prayer room. Additionally, an attached six story first class residential facility will be provided for visitors from abroad and India. Donations are needed for this work. This trust is registered with Govt of India as charitable trust so the donors get exemption from income tax.

Q. There are so many cancer cases in Bhatinda region of Panjab, why don’t you hold healing camps in that area to help them?

A. This question does not need any answer. Has any body or govt provided us the infrastructure, money to hold such camps in Bhatinda? How can we do such thing any where? But at the same time our units are working in Mukatsar , Faridkot area for the last 15 years. Any way people do come from far off places to attend the free healing camps in Ludhiana. So certainly anybody is welcome. We give information about the healing camps in newspapers so needy people do come to us.



On July 24th 2011 (Sunday) there was a grueling session with senior citizens who wanted to meet us exclusively. One of the members of the senior citizens council was a medical practitioner, he said that he is not convinced with our claims of healing through recitation of Gurbani and wanted us to prove our assertions. He said that modern sciences don’t believe in such things.

At that time, one young couple along with one lady managed to come into the meeting room and sat silently with senior citizens.

All senior citizens asked them if they want to say anything. They indicated to speak something. And they were allowed to do so. The boy narrated his tale of woes as under;

He said.” I came to Australia under study VISA from India three years back and had found the education was very expensive. I could not continue my studies as I had to work very hard to pay the bills for studies. While doing labor job I developed serious problem in my legs and back. It was very difficult for me to continue the study and get costly treatment in Australia so I decided to go back to India for the treatment. I had my treatment from PGI, Chandigarh for one month and could not get relief. I was given a guide book in Punjabi of this Mission by my relatives from Patiala. After reading the book I decided to get discharged from hospital and started reciting Gurbani. I felt relieved from my incurable ailment and I started walking after 15 days. I have full faith in Gurbani healing and have come here to share my views.”

He was greeted with” Bole So Nihal, Sat Siri Akal”. All the senior citizens felt sorry for opposing us and were convinced with our claims.


At Perth: The meeting with curious, non believers who had strong doubts about our working.

These people who had desired to meet with us. They had language problem, even some ladies wanted to share their problems alone without anybody being present there. The meeting was held at Canning Vale Gurdwara on 23.08.2011 at 10.00 AM. There were 22 persons, mostly from the Malaysia, Singapore, Africa and Indonesia. We had discussed their problems behind closed doors. Their common concerns were as follows:

  • They don’t know the Gurumukhi and are not able to read and understand the language used by us at congregations.
  • They don’t want to disclose their problems before others.
  • They had hesitation to talk in front of Punjabi speaking gathering because of their different pronunciation.
  • They also have social problems of their own which they do not want to mix up with others as they have been borne and brought up in different environments.
  • They did have some complex as they were economically better off people.

The meeting went off very well and their concerns very respectfully addressed

The information available to us indicated that everybody was amazed to find some relief from their long standing problems and wanted these programs to be held regularly in future also. S. Navpreet Singh and others associated with him felt satisfied and were eager to hold more such camps in future.


Healing Camp in Melbourne from July 27th to August 01st, 2011.

This camp had to be good as people had heard about the successful camps in Perth and the people were waiting for the camp. Even we were offered to hold another camp in Sydney after this camp. But we had fixed our schedule at Bangkok before visiting this place so we could not accommodate their request. Our team worked very hard to meet all the persons anxious to meet our members. It was another memorable experience for our team. There were two radio talks on July 27th on Melbourne Radio 3ZZZ FM and July 28th, 2011 on Radio SBS Australian Official Broadcasting Radio- a Government controlled Radio. The effective message was conveyed to the public and government Radio must be carrying a lot of credibility also.


Healing Sessions at Bangkok- Thailand from August 04th to August 20th, 2011.

S. Ranjit Singh Chadha and Mrs. Satnam Kaur Chadha were to visit their son Mr. Jatinder Singh Chadha’s family at Bangkok and stay up to 20.08.2011, so they wanted to utilize the time available for the work of the mission. Mr. Jatinder Singh Chadha had organized a healing session at Bangkok Cricket Club, there was mammoth gathering and response from Sangat of Bangkok was astonishing. Mr. Gumeet Singh also knew somebody who helped in arranging daily programs at different homes for all the dates up to 20.08.2011. The proper camp could not be held over there. The reasons are best known to the Gurdwara Committees.


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